Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gender Transformation Erotica and You!

Last month, I released the first Gender Swap Lollipop story. It was supposed to be a one-off, just to test out a story idea, but it's become a universe that's so much fun to write in!

Each one is different, with different characters that are interconnected to the main subject, a revolutionary new drug called MetaboFem that turns normal male users into slutty, horny, cum-crazed sissies!

Input from readers has been great all along the way. So much  so, that I've decided to expand the series into at least 5 books. The first three are already finished. All five will be compiled together and available as a bundle, probably around the end of January.

I'll include a short bonus story in that, as well. The bonus story will of course be free to my readers that have been getting each book individually. Just email me after it's released or follow on Twitter and I'll announce a link to it sporadically. (EDIT: A helpful reader just informed me that the bonus story was left out of the bundle. MY APOLOGIES! I'm working on it presently and the GSLP Bundle will be updated very soon with promised bonus content!)

Tentatively, book four will be GSLP 4: The Mix-up, which will detail the accidental creation of MetaboFem and the first exposure to the unwitting male scientist that created it. Let's just say that once he's turned into a cock-hungry bimbo, the upper management at Sissco Pharmaceuticals is interested in giving him a bonus unlike anything he's ever received.

Book five will be GSLP 5: Our Transformation, and is the story of a straight couple that both test out the lollipops for the first time together. Oh, so much fun to be had, especially when they decide to go out and paint the town red in their new bodies!