Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gender Swap Madness!

To celebrate the release of Gender Swap Lollipop 5 & the Volume One Bundle, I've decided to make Gender Swap Lollipop 1 - NOW FREE!

Hopefully, lots of interested readers can get their hands on a copy and join in on the fun, twisty, erotic world that I'm building. If you still haven't read it, I suggest you do. I've found nothing hotter than the pure satisfaction that comes when I watch my characters finally give in to the mental and physical changes that they are undergoing. Once that happens, you know that you've reached the real climax of the story!

So, come along for the wild ride and grab yourself a copy -on the cheap- today of this titular :) ebook. You'll never look at regular lollipops the same way again!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

GIANT Compilation of Daddy Daughter and Brother Sister Erotica - DONE!


I work hard to bring you the best smut I can write. I'm not the only one. Plenty of other erotica writers out there type their poor fingers to the bone providing lusty tales of fathers banging their daughters or horny sisters riding their brother's cocks.

I'm just a simple man, really. Being able to team up with another author to give you hundreds of pages of high-quality incestual smut is not something I would have imaged happening when I got into this.

Thank Zeus it did.

Now, you can grab 20 (Yes, Twenty) taboo family sex stories in one ginormous bundle, all written by well-known, bestselling author Francis Ashe and myself!

We'd both adore your comments, feedback, suggestions. We'd even like these things so much that we are offering this 113,000 word collection for only $3.99 until January 25th, 2013!

Here's the entire blurb:

Francis Ashe and Raminar Dixon, two of the erotica world’s bestselling authors, proudly present: 20 XXX TABOO FAMILY SEX STORIES – Explicit, raunchy sex stories where relatives are the main attraction!

This is one of the largest collections of taboo stories available, weighing in at OVER 113,000 WORDS, OR MORE THAN 200 PAGES!
The price to buy each of these titles separately would be over $60, but buying them all together in one ENORMOUS collection SAVES YOU $52!! WHAT ARE THESE TWO GUYS SMOKING?!


1.) Daddy Didn’t Pull Out
2.) Backdoor Brother
3.) My Stepson’s Morning Wood
4.) Daddy’s Love Potion
5.) Skip Day with Brother
6.) Debbie Does Daddy: Part One
7.) Debbie Does Daddy 2: Being Bred
8.) Pounding My Mother in Law
9.) Daddy’s Pool Party
10.) Big Brother’s BIG Present
11.) Filled By My Daddy
12.) Coming Between Daddy and Uncle
13.) Babysitting For Daddy
14.) Bound By Brother
15.) Fireside Menage
16.) His Four Daddies
17.) Kidnapped! By His Daddies
18.) Bred By My Daddy
19.) Daddy’s Baby
20.) Breeding Daddy’s Virgin: Lara

WARNING / DISCLAIMER: This HUGE bundle includes stories with breeding, virgins, pregnancy, creampies, rough sex, BDSM, bareback sex, and MORE! Only intended for mature, adult readers. All characters are over eighteen years of age and no characters are blood related.