Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kobo Writing Life & A New Title Released!

So, yesterday Kobo Writing Life went live...and it's awesome!

The interface is slick and polished. It is so easy to upload new titles that I went ahead and uploaded everything I've written (KDP Select titles not included) in just over an hour. Doing that on any other platform would have taken me twice as long, if not longer!

There are tools and charts a plenty to track your sales, which is really nice. You can even edit stuff while it's being published. Titles take a few hours to reach a sales page, but this is much faster than Amazon or B&N. The last bonus is that you can make your titles free or any other price you want anytime you want. I'm sure the readers will love that!

The only really glaring problems I see so far are:

  • Inability to "tag" titles
  • No way for customers to search new releases under a particular category
  • No subcategories for erotica
  • The 'preview' option requires you to download a sample and have a Kobo account
  • Searching gives you results that are often way, way off base

Kobo, fix these issues and your customers (and your authors) will thank you!


Yesterday was also the release day for my newest experimental title; Impregnated by The Tentacle!

Here's the blurb:

In the distant future mankind has taken to the stars, colonizing planets and stripping them of their resources to fuel the expansion of the human race. Before these new colonies can be safely established, field researchers like Lisa Adams must catalog all flora and fauna.

She's an expert at what she does, but when an unexpected incident leaves her stranded and injured in the wild she's at the mercy of the native life forms she's been sent to study.

Warning: This 5,200 word long extreme erotica story features scenes of graphic sex acts, dubious consent, strong language, and sexual content for adults only! 

If sales on this one are good, I'll definitely be writing a follow up story.

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