Monday, October 22, 2012

Daddy Daughter Stories & Debbie Does Daddy

I'm pleased to announce to all my readers that, even though I don't post here all that often, that I've still been pretty busy writing!

To that end, Debbie Does Daddy is finally complete. Part 4 is out now, along with the compiled version of  the whole taboo family sex series from all four installments.

Here's the blurbs and the links to each. Have fun! :)

Debbie Does Daddy: Milked by My Stepfather

Eighteen year old Debbie is in quite the predicament: She's been sleeping with her stepfather for months and now she's heavily pregnant with his child. Now, it seems like her mother is on the verge of catching them in the act!

Follow along in this fourth and final installment of the series to enjoy more twisted family secrets and delicious, hot sex.

Warning: This 4,800 word story contains scenes of stepfather stepdaughter sex, lactation fetish, pregnancy and breeding, and sexual interaction between one parent and their non-biological child. This content is intended only for mature readers.


Debbie Does Daddy: The Complete Four Book Taboo Sex Series

Eighteen year old Debbie has had a thing for her hunky stepfather since the day she moved into his house. She loves to flirt with him right under her mother's nose and flash him teasing glimpses of her lithe teenage body through the revealing clothes she wears.

One night, she decides to take things one step further; ultimately paving the way for an intense, unstoppable romp filled with taboo sex and dirty family secrets.

Warning: This 21,000 word novella contains scenes of sex between a stepfather and stepdaughter, risky sex, breeding and pregnancy, lactation erotica, and is intended only for mature readers.

If you haven't read the first part, I'd recommend just picking up the compilation. You'll save $3 that way and have access to the complete series of raunchy, filthy, fucking family sex. For those of you interested in an audiobook version, epic producer Brick Shop Audio is already hard at work recording it right now. The slated release date on,, and is sometime around the end of November 2012.

The entire series was such a joy to write and many of my readers have already started sending emails asking for more anyway. To all of them: We'll see. Debbie's story might not be over yet. She's a dirty, dirty girl, who loves her daddy, after all.

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