Friday, March 1, 2013

New Stuff!

Hi, readers! How're those New Years resolutions going? Yuck, I know, right?

Well, to get your mind off all that, I've finished three hot new stories guaranteed to get you in the mood...and maybe even do some bedroom aerobics of your own!

The first one, Alpha Male, is the story of a young girl stuck on a camping vacation with her parents. Instead of partying down with her friends in Fort Lauderdale, she's stuck in a muggy RV battling mosquitoes and total boredom! Thankfully, a group of ridiculously hot, sweaty guys happen to be there too and invite her to a keg party!

She ignores all the ranger's warnings about a vicious wild animal that's been attacking vacationers and sneaks out of her parent's RV, only to find herself between a werewolf cock and a hard place! In order to save the species, the werewolves need a fresh human female to mate with. And she's just become the reluctant den-mother!

The second release of the month, F.E.M.M., is set in the late 1950's - a time of peace and post-war American tranquility. As our country faces the rising threat of Communism, a young science officer in the military explores the top secret Black Delta Division, home of experimental biological and mind-control research not meant for prying public eyes.

After an accident on his first day, the young officer finds himself changing...for the better. His formerly masculine body is gone, along with most of his mind, and he begins his training as a submissive, cock-hungry female super spy!

My latest release, Girl for a Day, is the adventurous tale of Terry Givens, recovering alcoholic and woefully addicted (and indebted) gambler. He's on a bad beat like you've never seen, and once the most powerful, ruthless gang in town come after him for their money, his luck looks like it's about to run out.

That's when he runs into the beautiful, mysterious proprietor of Mystic Fortunes, a young woman named Kiyana Nbembe. To help him escape, she turns him into a buxom, voluptuous woman, but she's got more on her mind that just watching Terry run. She's got a vendetta with the same gang that gunning for Terry, and plans to use some magic and a little feminine persuasion to get what she wants!

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